Contract for the provision oh hotel accommodation services

A security box is available for the protection of your valuables. 


There will be a charge of US $ 200 per night for smoking in a room. 


“I agree that I am personally responsible for the payment of the account and if the person, firm or association indicated by me as responsible for the payment of the account fails to do so, my liability for such payment shall be joint and several with such person, firm or association.” 


Upon check-in, an authorization request will be placed on your credit/debit card in an amount equal to the room rate, taxes, and any  additional charges estimated for the duration of your stay (up to seven nights). The credit card details we have on file will be used to authenticate you as the cardholder and will be maintained in our systems during your stay with us, so you can add charges to your folio as your stay progresses. If your stay exceeds seven nights, an additional authorization may be requested for a new estimated amount or for the total amount of your stay (room, consumption, taxes and incidentals). At check-out , your payment card will be charged for the actual amount incurred during your stay. You consent to us applying any applicable damage charges or late fees after check-out and these will appear on your payment card statement. 




Oshpitality Group will collect your preferences, that is, your needs and desires, which we use to make your current and future stays and experiences with us more enjoyable, such as preferred rooms, amenities, food and beverages, and other services requested by you or that we learn during your stay. This may also include any likes or dislikes about our services that you inform us of or specific health or dietary restrictions, for example when using our catering services. We may also collect your Personal Preferences with your consent, including details of your special anniversaries (such as your birthday or wedding anniversary), what types of activities you prefer to participate in when you stay with us, your hobbies and details about what you enjoy. We will share Personal Data with suppliers who are required to use Personal Data in accordance with their contract with us, the Global Privacy Statement, and applicable laws. 


Having read the Privacy Information above, I agree to the following: 


In order to provide me with a personalized experience, Oshpitality Group may save and use my personal preferences, as detailed above. I understand that I can withdraw this consent at any time by requesting Oshpitality Group to stop retaining my personal preferences by contacting 


The above consent applies only to the processing of personal preferences. If you would like to receive special offers, promotions or other marketing communications, or if you would like to change what you currently receive, you can update your communication preferences by sending an email to 


Any requests, complaints, congratulations or claims may be contact by the Data Protection Officer of this property at . 


By signing this Hotel Registration Form, I agree with the following contractual stipulations and agree to  comply in full with those applicable to me as a guest and/or client (THE CLIENT) of the HOTEL: 


SCOPE. The accommodation rate includes the following services: 


  1. a) Internet b) In- room coffe kit c) Safety deposit box


The consumption of massages, telephone calls, laundry, minibar, food and beverages, transfer services and other additional services not mentioned in this clause are not included in the accommodation rate and shall be charged THE CLIENT, who agrees to pay for their value at the rates  informed by the HOTEL. 


VALUE AND PAYMENT METHOD: The indicated rate will be increased by the value of VAT and the applicable hotel insurance. The HOTEL has the right to charge me daily for the room and my consumptions. It is at its discretion to grant me credit. In case of non- payment of my   outstanding obligations, the HOTEL has is fully entitled to terminate the accommodation contract, even if the deadline has not been met, and to demand eviction. In case of  voluntary failure to do so, the HOTEL has the full right to vacate the room and take my luggage into custody. I authorize the HOTEL to charge my credit or debit card for the outstanding amount of my bill when I leave the HOTEL. I agree to pay all my expenses and those of my companions if the corporation, company, travel agency or association that undertook to pay did not do so and at the simple request of the HOTEL. In case of delay in the payment of any amount due, I will pay default  interest at the maximum rate legally permitted on such value. 


OBLIGATIONS OF THE HOTEL. By virtue this contract, the HOTEL undertakes the following obligations: 

  1. To  comply with the lodging service, according to the conditions and service levels agreed therein.
  2. To make available to the CLIENT the rooms reserved on the days, times, quantities and conditions established in the reservation or at the time of check in, as the case may be. In case of not having the room agreed with the CLIENT, the HOTEL is obliged to provide a room in the same conditions.
  3. To guarantee the use, enjoyment and good condition of the facilities, furniture and related uses of the HOTEL, in accordance with the purpose of the contract.
  4. To guarantee the quality, safety and healthiness of the HOTEL`s facilities.
  5. To form and maintain an adequate, trained and sufficient work team for the proper provision of the services contracted by the CLIENT.
  6. To account for their labor obligations, assuming responsibility for the payment of salaries, labor obligations, contributions to the comprehensive social security system and other legal benefits to the personnel employed in the execution of this contract.
  7. Refrain from communicating to third parties any confidential information of the CLIENT that it receives or to which it has access in the development of the provision of the contracted services, except  those required by the competent authorities.
  8. To comply with your obligations regarding the processing of personal data.


OBLIGATIONS OF THE CLIENT. By virtue of the present contract, the CLIENT undertakes the following obligations: 


  1. Make full and timely payment of the applicable accommodation rate and all products and/or services consumed during their stay at the HOTEL.
  2. Respond for the full value of the damage caused to the HOTEL’s property in the rooms, lounges and other areas of the HOTEL and/or assume responsibility for loss of goods and elements owned by the HOTEL that are attributable to the CLIENT and/ or to your companions or pets.
  3. Strictly comply with the HOTEL’s internal policies regarding check -in and check-out times , early departures and reservation modifications or cancellations, and pay the applicable costs and penalties.
  4. Payment of fees for unregistered companions, if the companions enter without being registered it will be under their sole responsibility.
  5. Refrain from making annoying noises, causing altercations or any act that disturbs or is uncomfortable for other guests.
  6. Comply and make your companions and guests comply with the HOTEL’s health and safety policies.
  7. Identify yourself to check in at the HOTEL with a valid identify document, presenting your citizenship card in the case of being Colombian or your passport in the case of foreigners. For minors, they must present a valid identification document such as an identity card or civil registration card for Colombians and a passport for foreigners. In case the parents are not present, notarized authorization and a copy of the parents’ ID must be presented.
  8. Observe decorous conduct and dress in an  appropriate manner
  9. To allow HOTEL employees and staff  access for routine work and cleaning the room. 



POLICIES APPLICABLE TO THE CLIENT. The CLIENT expressly declares to be aware of the following HOTEL policies and agree to comply with them in their entirety and to be responsible for the costs and/or penalties derived from them: 

Grounds for termination of the contract: The contract may be canceled due to the following events: 

  • For expiration of the agreed upon term
  • For non compliance with any of the obligations of the parties and punctually for non- payment of the price or rate charged  by the GUEST or for failure to pay for food and beverages or other complementary services that the GUEST has charged to the room or to its personal account.
  • In the event that  in the HOTEL`S judgment, the behavior or clothing of the GUEST in detrimental to the tranquility and/or health of other guests or visitors to the HOTEL.


*Cancellations: Cancellations of individual reservations must be made at least of 48 hours prior the arrival date. In case of no-show or late cancellation, the CLIENT authorizes the HOTEL to charge for the value the equivalent to the nights. reserved. 

* Check -in and check-out : Check -in time is at 3:00 p.m. and check-out will be no later than 12:00 noon. In case of non compliance with these schedules, the CLIENT authorizes the HOTEL to charge for a value equivalent to one night at the current rate or according to the current policies of early check in or Late Check-out . 

* In case of early departure, the CLIENT  is obliged to pay the total value of the nights  originally reserved by him/ her.  


LIABILITY FOR LOSSES AND DAMAGES. The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that the HOTEL shall not be liable for the loss of money, objects or valuable left by guests in the rooms or other areas of the HOTEL, which may be kept in the safety boxes provided in the rooms for such purpose. It shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT to take the necessary care and custody measures. The CLIENT agrees to assume responsibility for any material damage caused by him and/or his companions, guests or pets to the property or facilities of the HOTEL and accepts that the value of such damage will be charged to his invoice for its commercial replacement value. . If case of requiring the custody of an object of high-value the HOTEL will reserve the right to admission of such object. 


SMOKE-FREE HOTEL. The HOTEL is a smoke-free space. Smoking is not allowed in public areas, rooms, restaurants, bars and other spaces. Smoking in the room and in any other area mentioned above will generate a penalty equivalent to USD $200 (two hundred American dollars) per room and per night booked, which will be paid in Colombian pesos settled at the representative Market Rate (TRM). on the date the incident occurs. 


PET POLICY. This HOTEL allows pets (cats and dogs only) weighing no more than 10 kg (approx. 20 pounds),  must wear a collar an identification leash at all times, except inside the room. All pets must sleep with their owner and in a pet bed. They must also present a current vaccination card. Pets are not allowed to bathe in the bathroom in common areas. Pets are not allowed in food and beverage areas. Dogs must be  muzzled when in common areas of the Hotel. 


MEDICAL ATTENTION. The HOTEL has a medical and emergency care service, which is contracted with a third party. Any additional request for medical or paramedical consultations will have an additional cost that will be borne by the CLIENT, as will the care service, medications. and possible side effects, so the HOTEL has no responsibility in relation to the provision of said services. 


PARKING. In the event that the HOTEL has parking spaces available, the HOTEL is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to the vehicle or the objects left inside. 


THIRDPARTY SERVICES. The HOTEL does not assume any responsibility derived from the provision of services by third parties companies, such as tour operators or transport companies that the CLIENT decides to hire directly and personally. The legal and contractual link derived from the services that the CLIENT contracts with a third service company shall exist exclusively between the CLIENT and such company. Any claim and/or complaint related to such services shall be field directly by the before the third parties. 


SPECIAL PROHIBITIONS. (i) Colombian Law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 years of age, so the HOTEL may request identification at its discretion. ( ii ) Sexual exploitation and abuse of minors are behaviors  are persecuted and  even criminally sansionated in accordance with the legal provisions in force in Colombia. 


EXECUTIVE MERIT. The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that the present contract grants executive merit to demand from the CLIENT and in favor of the HOTEL, the payment of the total or partial amounts that constitute the value of this contract and of any sum of money that by the concept of the same must be charged to the CLIENT, without the need for judicial or extrajudicial requirements to which the CLIENT waives. 


POOL. In the event that THE HOTEL has a swimming pool available to the CLIENT, the CLIENT agrees to review and comply with the swimming pool regulations that will be published in the respective area. All minors must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult, which shall be the sole responsibility of the CLIENT. THE HOTEL shall not be responsible for any accident or eventuality occurring in its pool area. 


HABEAS DATA AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION. In accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory decree 1377 of 2013 and other concordant rules, I declare that by signing this document I authorize the HOTEL, its hotel operator and the hotel chain to which it belongs and whoever represents its rights, the storage, use, knowledge, consultation, treatment, transfer and/or transmission of the personal data that I provide in this format to: (i) Provide me with all the hotel services requested; ( ii ) Contact me directly, or through third parties contracted for this purpose, at any time, and by written, telephone and/or electronic means, in the development of marketing and advertising activities, including promotional offers, market research and commercial prospecting; ( iii ) contact me as a guest/client, for further knowledge, update data, conduct satisfaction surveys and create my cliente profile; ( iv ) send me information related to products, services, events, alliances and offers by any means; (v) Meet the requirements of the authorities; (vi) Share with business partners; ( vii ) Attend and process requests, complaints and claims. I declare that the HOTEL may request at the time of my registration, as a guarantee, a format for non-face-to-face charges, the HOTEL reserves the right to destroy it after one month of my withdrawal without having requested it, leaving a record of the destruction. I know that, for more information about the use of my personal data and my ability to request its correction or deletion, I can consult HOTEL’s personal data processing policy published on the website 


Sustainability policy. The hotel advocates compliance with Resolution 572 of 2005 of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development and other regulations related to the preservation of Flora and Fauna. It also supports the conservation of heritage and cultural property, including Law 397 of 1997 and other related regulations. Furthermore, the hotel firmly rejects any type of discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion, political ideology or any other factor. This commitment is intented to prevent any action that prevents or limits the full enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms. 


CSEC Policy – In development of the provisions of Law 679 of 2001 and other corresponding regulations, the HOTEL warns the GUEST that the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is punishable in Colombia with imprisonment sentence of 14 to 25 years. The HOTEL will report to the authorities any behavior that may derive  or be suspect CSEC crimes.   


PQRSF. For requests, complaints, complaints, suggestions or compliments, please write to the following email address: and/or enter to the website and click on the options contacts/PQRSF option. 


APPLICABLE LEGISLATION. This contract will be governed by the laws  of the Republic of Colombia. 


NOTICE OF PRIVACY. By signing this registration card, you acknowledge and agree that your personal information will be used to: provide services and products, process reservations and other transactions you request, provide customer service, better understand and satisfy customer needs, including their preferences, enhance relationships. In accordance with  any preferences you have previously provided to us, we will also send you special offers or promotions by email or telephone. 


I understand that my Personal Preferences may be collected, used and transferred to personalize my hotel stays, as detailed, and by signing below, I consent to the collection, use and transfer of my Personal Preferences. 



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